3 apps to enjoy vegan madrid

3 apps to enjoy Vegan Madrid

Madrid is an amazing city but, sometimes moving around can be a little bit difficult. Our goal here is that you discover the best Vegan Madrid!

You only have a few days to discover a huge city, full of exciting things, restaurants, neighborhoods, and museums… too much to your head, especially if you are on vacation and just want to relax and have a good time.

Here you will read our personal recommendation to make Madrid very easy for you. 


3 apps to enjoy a wonderful vegan Madrid:



VHappy is a social app to find the best vegan food, vegan businesses, and healthy organic products in Spain.

We love it because it is very useful and easy to use while you are traveling. 

Due to geolocalization, VHappy is able to offer you a wide range of options regarding healthy lifestyle and vegan products. 

This app also helps you keep up to date with Vegan and Eco events held in Spain, learn new veggie recipes or interact with other VHappy members in the free social chat provided by VHappy.

There are more vegan options that what you see while walking around the city. All the little shops and tiny restaurants are listed on this app, so you can take advantage of the local knowledge of Madrilenians. 

Many secrets of Madrid are inside VHappy so, download the local wisdom!   

You can download here:





This international app is very famous in several European capital cities, but it is essential in Madrid due to our fantastic public transport.

Use the subway! It is clean, fast and safe. One of the best subways in Europe. Don’t worry about getting lost, our metro lines are quite easy and using CityMapper you will arrive soon and safe to any destinations. 

We use it all the time!



Are you staying in an apartment during your vacations in Madrid? 

These days many people prefer to have a kitchen during the holidays, which is great, but… What happens when you are not in the mood for cooking? No Problem! Use Veganooks app and order vegan food directly to your door. 

With this app, you can order amazing dishes of the best nearby vegan restaurants. 

Local food, local chefs and local vegan businesses… 100% Win-Win!  


Not enough? Do you want us to show you our preferred Madrid? Check out here

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