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Vegan store and green groceries in Madrid

Madrid is an easy city to be vegan if you know how to!

Apart from enjoying more than 40 vegan restaurants in the city, we are very lucky to have some amazing vegan stores and many greengroceries that will make your vegan life easier here.

Use our favorite app to choose the best vegan options in Madrid: VHappy!
Using VHappy you will be able to find vegan and organic products around Madrid very easily.
Don’t waste more time and download this app to find the best options near you.

You can download here:



Using VHappy you will be able to find one of our favorite vegan store in Madrid: Planeta Vegano!

Planeta Vegano is one of the first vegan stores in the city opened 10 years ago in the neighborhood of Lavapies.
It is still a reference for vegan food and organic products at the south of Puerta del Sol.
They are especially proud of their selection of vegan cheeses, carefully chosen to offer the best available options in the Spanish market.
We hope you enjoy it!

Madrid is full of green groceries and fruit stores, every neighborhood is a paradise of Spanish fruits.
Order tomates raf from Almeria, in the south of Spain, if you want to try our best types of tomatoes.
Our amazing bananas from Canary Island, we call them plátanos and they must have small brown spots to be really tasty.
Fresas from Aranjuez, near Madrid, are delicious and locally grown.
Cerezas from Jerte in Cáceres, only a few hundred kilometers from Madrid, are spectacular and sweet.
Don’t forget trying our vegetables as well, but our fruits are more probably a delicious snack to taste between lunch and dinner, what we call «merienda».
Have fun!

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