You’ll never be a Gato of Madrid

Where are you from? Doesn’t matter, you are in Madrid.

There are good things and bad things about living in big cities, but Madrid has something very special


Madrid is a big city where you can live individually from the mother culture you were born in. I mean, if you don’t like the culture your parents lived in, because it is sexist, racist or not emocionally evolved, but you live in a small village, you will probably have issues to get rid of it and live an independent way of life without intrusions.

Madrid is a city where very rarely someone would question you about your origins, and there is a reason for that. Historically, Madrid has been open to receive new people from all over the country and beyond due to its status as the Capital City, this is part of our History and our inner DNA. Since 1561, when Madrid became the capital of Spain, we have received millions of people who came to work and looking for opportunities. It’s hard to find a person here whose 4 grandparents were born in Madrid, what we call a «Gato», a person whose ancestors were originally from here. That is very rare to find. For instance, my grandparents were from Valladolid, Ubeda, Jaén and Burgos, none of them from Madrid. I am not a real «Gata» and you won’t easily find one.

This situation, makes Madrid a place where everybody is from everywhere, a real mix of cultures where you can reinvent yours if the one your parents gave you doesn’t please you.

No one expects you to be from Madrid or follow some inconsistent Madrilian cultural rules…

Mostly our first and only rule is grab a «caña», go to a «terraza» and have fun chatting with someone, whoever, doesn’t matter where she/he is from.

Madrid is a very open city and that is something I really love!

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