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3 tricks to meet local vegans while traveling in Spain

Traveling is awesome, there is nothing better in life. Traveling gives you perspective, knowledge, and experience. It makes you a more complete human being. 

But traveling is nothing if you can’t connect to people and culture you are visiting. A real cultural immersion is what travelers seek these days. No more isolated beach hotels where you only meet tourists… let’s mingling with local vegans and hear their passionate stories, learn from each other and come back home full of amazing stories in your head. 


  1. Look for Vegan Events here:

If you want to meet local vegans, the best way is looking for vegan events in the area of Spain you are visiting. If you can meet them in a relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by vegan food, a fundraising gala or activism, they will be happy to hear your story.

We are curious and open people, so don’t be shy and say hello to the group, they will be happy to meet you!  

The best app to find vegan events is VHappy. This Spanish app is designed to help you find the best vegan restaurants and products… and they have a very helpful vegan events section where you can find all that is happening in the vegan world of Spain.

Besides, thankfully, VHappy is also a social app where you can connect to other VHappy members through their chat service. 

A totally Win/Win!

Check out here: VHappy Events


  1. Volunteering and activism here:

On the other hand, if you have a few days off to dedicate to animals and/or activism, that would get you closer to local vegans. Many Spanish vegans are volunteers at different organizations, animal sanctuaries, and shelters. Sharing your time and your hard work with them can be a unique experience to know their values and principles, something that for sure will grant you a bunch of new vegan friends in your life.    

Here you can find a list of shelters and animal sanctuaries in Spain thanks to our friend Laura Trillo, cat therapist.

Choose the organization closer to your trip destination and write them an email offering your time and your work as a volunteer. They will be more than happy to have you!
If you are traveling to Cataluña and Barcelona, we recommend a fantastic animal sanctuary for your volunteering: El Hogar Animal Sanctuary.
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet those hard-working vegans and all their amazing work for the rescued animals.


  1. Use local Vegan services

Every day there are more and more Vegan businesses in Spain! 

This is our way to normalize vegan shopping, vegan catering services, vegan food delivery, vegan cosmetics, vegan tours, etc…

Many small Vegan companies are supporting a new way to do things here, and all of us are epicenters of veganism, activism, and connection between vegan people.  

Making an effort to meet local people is very satisfying. We can tell because every day we mix travelers with our local vegan guides on our tours and the chemistry there can’t be better. They have so much in common and they enjoy some wonderful moments sharing their stories, experiences, and ethics that energy flows so easily and beautifully. 

As a 100% vegan company, we couldn’t be prouder of helping vegan travelers meeting locals, getting to know how vegans live in Spain, our efforts to save animals, live healthily and help the planet.

This is exactly why we do what we do! 

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