We  are  Vegans  for  the  animals, 
for  the  planet,  for  the  people  and …
tireless  travelers.

Welcome  to  our  Vegan  Company!


Yes, I love my job, running this company is the most similar thing to be traveling when I’m not actually traveling.

Also, I’m so lucky to work together with partners, collaborators, providers, and guests who share my vision of the world.

All the things that happened to me in life brought me here, exactly where I have to be, so I feel grateful for all of them.

First, I studied tourism, art and history, travel business management, events organisation, local guide license… and I traveled, and traveled, and traveled more.

Then I worked as a guide, travel consultant, wedding and events organizer, and tour designer… I kept traveling non-stop.

Ten years ago, in a very special moment of my life, veganism knocked on my door and I welcomed it with enthusiasm, hope and passion, turning my personal ethics into a whole way of life by creating this vegan company.

To me, ethics consist of the transparency and purity that nature and animals show us in every moment. I believe in working to be a better human being every day.

Since I went Vegan, I’ve been dreaming of offering travelers the vegan and sustainable services I would like for myself.

In this project, I’m mixing my training and work experience with my two passions: traveling and veganism.

Due to my activism, I donate 5% of the dividends to projects that save and rehabilitate animals that suffered from abuse or abandonment.

I feel lucky for sharing my time with my clients, getting to know them, offering them ethical solutions during their holidays and widening veganism to all levels of life, including travels, which are so important to me.

Do you like traveling with ethics? You’re one of mine then.

vegan company in Madrid

Our Popular Tours

Most of our guests have favorite tours and experiences that join every time they arrive in Madrid or Spain.
These are some of them, classified by their opinion.

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Plant-base Cooking Class 0
vegan blogger testimonial
Diana knows how to perfectly choose the best area, surprising us with the anecdotes and legends of the streets. She pointed out some shops with vegan products that you wouldn't be able to find by yourself. The restaurants, together with the friendliness and closeness of the Guide, make the hours fly while you talk and walk through the most alternative Madrid. Susi
vegan testimonial for a tour
We had an excellent experience. The food was amazing and the guide told us about many things that in a "normal" tour they never say, things that are important for conscious travelers. Terrific! Beth
vegan spanish testimonial
I went on this experience a few weeks after my friends and I agree with them: this is the ultimate Vegan experience in Madrid! The food was totally amazing, we even had a signature tapa you can only enjoy if you belong to the tour.... everything was so exclusive that I loved it. Jimena
vegan american testimonial
My experience was totally awesome! The guide gave us many bits of advice and stories about History, art, animal welfare, and environmental stuff. For sure, this is not a common tour, this a true immersion experience. We felt we had a vegan friend in Madrid while walking through those beautiful streets. This tour felts differently!! Megan
vegan chinese testimonal
有时作为素食主义者旅行并不容易,多亏Diana!我们不需要常常吃沙拉和土豆,因为每个城市都有不同的选择可以吃的素食的食物。所以在旅行中最宝贵的东西不仅是你参观的地方, 还有那个地方帮助过你的人,也让我们更好的了解这座城市。非常感谢,Diana! Xia