Madrid Vegan Food Tips

If you enter a bar in Madrid, are you worried that you won’t be able to order any vegan dishes? Looking for Vegan Tips?

We’ll teach you the vegan tips and tricks to survive as a vegan in the bars of Madrid.


Order “pimientos del padrón”, which are delicious, small grilled green peppers. It is said that some of them are spicy and others aren’t, so you’ll have to test your luck.

Patatas bravas” is a dish originally from Madrid. Patatas bravas are boiled potatoes which are fried in large chunks, and covered in a spicy pepper sauce. Be careful that they don’t add mayonnaise; the traditional ones never have it.

The eternal “aceitunas” (olives) are always used as an appetiser in Madrid, and they’re healthy and delicious.

Try «champiñones al ajillo«, mushrooms cooked in olive oil with garlic and parsley. Just in case, tell them to not add any ham.

The «pisto» is delicious. Pisto is a vegetable dish cooked in a sauce that contains onions and tomato. Ask them to not add meat or egg to the original recipe.

Though it isn’t a dish from Madrid, but rather from the south, if you come to Madrid in the summer you’ll find a lot of “gazpacho” and “salmorejo” at the restaurants. They’re both cold soups made of vegetables. Just tell them not to add egg or ham on top or as a side dish.

You will always be safe in a restaurant in Madrid by asking for a “parrillada de verduras” or “trigueros a la plancha”, which are grilled vegetables with olive oil and salt.

The “guacamole” and the “hummus” are not originally from Spain, but there are many pubs which have these items on their menus, so you will be able to take advantage of this during your gastronomic walks.

If you want a vegan breakfast from Madrid, you need to ask for “churros”. These are made with a flour dough that is fried. If you feel like having something less fatty, order “pan con tomate”.

Vegetable milk and margarine are now widely available in cafes, but make sure to check ahead.

Beware of “salads” and “vegetable sandwiches”, they usually have all kinds of animal ingredients such as eggs, tuna, mayonnaise… so ask first.

If you don’t want to take a risk, in most restaurants the chef can quickly prepare you some pasta or rice with tomato sauce and vegetables. Generally, Spanish restaurants are happy to satisfy the requests of their customers and will do anything they can for you to eat great, plentiful food.

​Besides these options, there are numerous Asian and Italian restaurants in Madrid, where options are easy to find, as well as Kebabs where you can eat falafel.


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vegan tips in restaurants in Spain
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