Vegan Hot Spots

There are two areas where veganism has settled in a spectacular manner and

which continues to be the Hot Spots in the street life of Madrid.


It was and still is the prime example of a nightlife neighbourhood, where very diverse restaurants started to appear and, then, vegan options were multiplied, which perfectly fit the open, rebellious, young mentality of the neighbourhood. What a Vegan Hot Spots!

It is a benchmark for Madrid’s trends, a mix of traditional and experimental, old and new.

Thanks to this fusion, veganism has strongly settled in a neighbourhood that already enjoyed being different and ground-breaking.

A perfect combination.



The most multicultural neighbourhood in Madrid is a paradise for vegans and was the first neighbourhood that became veganized in the whole city.

This old castizo neighbourhood now has the “cool” seal at “Time Out” Magazine and it attracts new hipster neighbors which are mixed with the humble local population.

There’s a traditional flavor in the environment, mixed with a couple of decades of being a wholesales bazar and transforming with socially significant cultural centres.

A fun, surprising mix.

vegan restaurants in Madrid
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