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Ethical & Vegan Vacations in Spain

Ethical & Vegan Vacations in Spain

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Are your holidays a super essential part of the year? Then they deserve to become truly vegan vacations in Spain. Allow us to show you around our world!

Spain offers you culture, nature, good weather, dream beaches, and wonderful Mediterranean vegan food.

There are also many sustainable, vegan-friendly, healthy activities, like yoga, wellness, retreats, trekking, art, and active tourism for which we can give you advice.

Come visit our rescued animal sanctuaries and the wonderful people who work in them.

As well as cat, dog and horse shelters, or the multitude of supportive, sustainable, ethical projects we have for Vegan Vacations in Spain.

According to your tastes and needs, we will send you an itinerary designed especially for you, with all the bits of local advice for the areas in Spain that you wish to visit.

We will give you 2-3 vegan-friendly accommodation options that you can book, as well as nice options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Along with many activities and experiences close to the area you wish to visit like wine tastings, vegan events and meetups, etc… that will allow you to meet like-minded people like you.

Countryside… there we go!


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From 79€ for the design of a 2-day itinerary
Each extra day: from 39€
Special tariffs start from 10 days itineraries
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